Stir-fried three silks at home

My baby is not picky. He likes this dish very much. Share it with other mothers.

Food Material List

  • 1 Ternip Half root
  • 2 Carrot Half root
  • 3 Pleurotus eryngii Half root

Operational steps

  • 1 Shredded onion and ginger, chopped garlic. White radish, carrot wipe with silk wiper, apricot and abalone mushroom shredded with hand.
    Stir-fried three silks
  • 2 Put more oil in the pan. Fire, oil hot, first put in scallions, ginger and garlic stir-fry, fragrance into three silks, fast stir-fry. Look at the ingredients, put a spoonful of salt, a proper amount of thirteen incense, continue to stir-fry, stir-fry scallion leaves, a little MSG, soy sauce stir-fry out of the pot.


The silk I use is a little thicker. The three silks are usually stir-fried in two minutes. Soy sauce, monosodium glutamate and onion leaves are put when they are out of the pot.

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