Stir-fried vegetable with three fresh ingredients

Food Material List

  • 1 Bean curd Appropriate amount
  • 2 cucumber Few
  • 3 Carrot

Operational steps

  • 1 Cut the bean skin into shreds and soak in warm water for about 2-4 hours.
    Stir-fried vegetable with
  • 2 Cut carrots, cucumbers, garlic and scallions into thin shreds.
    Stir-fried vegetable with
  • 3 Put oil in the pan, add garlic and scallions when the oil reaches the appropriate temperature, stir-fry until fragrant, then stir-fry until food is put in succession. [The ingredients should be put in succession according to their own maturity level] __________
    Stir-fried vegetable with
  • 4 It takes about 3-5 minutes to get out of the pot.
    Stir-fried vegetable with


The ingredients of this dish are chosen according to your own preferences. You can adjust the kinds and amount of ingredients according to your own taste.

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