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Strawberry Cheese Thousand Layer Cake (8 finished products)

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Food Material List

  • 1 Cream cheese 250g
  • 2 Fine white sugar 150g
  • 3 Marzipan 200g
  • 4 Whole egg 6
  • 5 Low-gluten flour 160g
  • 6 Corn flour 16g
  • 7 butter 75g
  • 8 strawberry puree 50g
  • 9 Powdered sugar Few

Operational steps

  • 1 Get all the materials ready.
  • 2 Put the cream cheese, sugar and almond cream into the container, and mix them evenly with an electric beater at medium speed.
  • 3 Slowly add the whole egg in succession, stirring evenly.
  • 4 Sift the low gluten flour and corn flour and mix them well.
  • 5 Put butter in the container and heat it up. Add butter and mix well.
  • 6 Pour in the strawberry puree and mix gently to form a cake batter.
  • 7 Pour 1/4 cake batter into 8-inch baking mould with baking pan oil. Flatten and put into oven. Bake at 200/120 above and below for 8-10 minutes until colored. Remove.
  • 8 Repeat step 7 for 4 times, total baking time is about 40 minutes.
  • 9 When the cake is cooled out of the oven, it can be demoulded and decorated with sugar powder.

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