Super Simple Potato Salad

When I told Xiao Bao about Du Zhenzis potato salad, Xiao Bao told me to make it for her.

Food Material List

  • 1 Salad dressing Two scoops
  • 2 salt Semi-condiment spoon
  • 3 cucumber A short paragraph
  • 4 Carrot A short paragraph
  • 5 Ham sausage A short paragraph
  • 6 onion A small piece
  • 7 Potato 1

Operational steps

  • 1 Wash and peel potatoes and slice them thickly.
    Super Simple Potato
  • 2 Steam in a steaming pot, steaming for a while with a chopstick poke can feel permeable.
    Super Simple Potato
  • 3 Steamed potatoes. Lets prepare something else. Cucumber, carrot, ham, onion, diced.
    Super Simple Potato
  • 4 The steamed potatoes were beaten with a stirring rod to make mud. If there is no stirring rod, use a spoon or a rolling pin to mash it into mud.
    Super Simple Potato
  • 5 Mix the mashed potatoes with half a spoon of salt and two spoons of salad dressing.
    Super Simple Potato
  • 6 Then pour the cut dices in and stir them evenly. Place them on a plate, OK.
    Super Simple Potato

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