Hunan cuisine

Sushi (Porphyra Rice)

See the school door is sold, and because I love to eat, so I made it myself.

Food Material List

  • 1 Porphyra (large) A piece of laver can mag about 10, just look at the right amount.
  • 2 Dried meat floss A row of laver
  • 3 Carrot One
  • 4 pickled radish How much to eat and how much to put
  • 5 Ham sausage Appropriate amount
  • 6 hot dish If you can eat spicy food, just right amount.
  • 7 Cucumber One article
  • 8 Buy whatever you like. Just the right amount.
  • 9 Steamed Rice A small bowl of seaweed, just look at the right amount.
  • 10 Sushi Vinegar Appropriate amount
  • 11 Oil and salt Appropriate amount

Operational steps

  • 1 Put the prepared rice on top of the laver, and arrange the ingredients in order.
    Sushi Porphyra Rice
  • 2 Roll them up with bamboo curtains
    Sushi Porphyra Rice
  • 3 When you roll up, be strong and firm.
    Sushi Porphyra Rice
  • 4 Then cut a piece with a knife.
    Sushi Porphyra Rice

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