Sweet and Sour Meat

Food Material List

  • 1 Plum meat Appropriate amount
  • 2 Diguar Powder (Coarse Grains Best) Appropriate amount
  • 3 Hot and Sour Sauce (Thai Sweet and Hot Sauce) Appropriate amount
  • 4 Mature vinegar Appropriate amount

Operational steps

  • 1 Cut pork into 0.5 cm thick slices
    Sweet and Sour
  • 2 Slightly slap the pork with the back of the knife
    Sweet and Sour
  • 3 Add a little salt, some pepper, hot and sour sauce and vinegar. According to the proportion, add 100g hot and sour sauce, 80g vinegar and 15g sugar to every 500g pork. After adding all the condiments, mix the material well.
    Sweet and Sour
  • 4 Cover with plastic film and refrigerate for at least 12 hours.
    Sweet and Sour
  • 5 Remove the cured meat from the refrigerator
    Sweet and Sour
  • 6 Add sweet potato powder, put 120 g of sweet potato powder in every 500 g of meat.
    Sweet and Sour
  • 7 Mix well so that each piece of meat is evenly pasted.
    Sweet and Sour
  • 8 Add some oil to the pan and heat it.
    Sweet and Sour
  • 9 When the oil temperature rises, add the minced meat and fry it over high heat.
    Sweet and Sour
  • 10 Deep-fry until golden brown on the surface. Drain the oil.
    Sweet and Sour


This sweet and sour meat is actually very simple. Generally speaking, it is cured, sized and fried. But there are several key points in making sweet and sour meat.
1. Material selection. Meat is best to use plum meat with fat meat, that is, the upper shoulder meat of the pig. Because it has a little bit of fat, it is very tender and fragrant when it is eaten. It is not greasy and delicious at all, so it is absolutely better than pure lean meat after the explosion. The taste of hot and sour sauce I use is not spicy. Its the kind of sweet and sour sauce. The taste is similar to that of Thai sweet and hot sauce. It can be replaced by Thai sweet and hot sauce. But remember not to buy cheap, try to pick better, otherwise the taste will be discounted. Meat is sugary. Dont think there is too much sauce. The sugar in the sauce can penetrate into the tissues of meat. After absorbing water, it can make the meat fiber expand and make the meat more tender. Vinegar should also be aged vinegar with better quality, so as to be fragrant. Dont use white vinegar. The unique ingredients in vinegar make pork soften after long-term pickling and frying, change the fibrous tissue of meat, and make meat more tender. Digua powder is self-dried. Generally, the sweet potato starch sold in supermarkets is not pure, but under unconditional circumstances, it can only be retreated to the second place. If there are coarse grains, it is best to use coarse grains of Digua powder. After deep-fried with coarse-grained sweet potato powder, it has a crisp taste. Generally speaking, for condiments, it is necessary to buy a good point, which is the key to a strong and authentic flavor.
2. Seasoning. In addition to the proportion of raw materials and condiments to grasp, remember to add a little salt to the cured meat, a little can enhance the overall flavor, adding pepper can remove part of the pork fishy smell. From the proportion of raw materials, the rise here is very large, the average meat 500 g is about 30 g moisture, which has far exceeded. But this increase is the key to keeping meat tender and juicy after frying.
3. Salting. Pickling must be adequate, from the proportion of raw materials, the water content of this curing seasoning is very large, only long-term pickling can make the meat full flavor, juice can fully penetrate into every cell of meat, taste fully into the deep of meat, and in the process of curing meat fibrous tissue will expand and fry out. It can ensure crisp skin, fresh and juicy taste inside, and full of sweet and sour taste from outside to inside. Keep in mind that the meat must be marinated for at least 12 hours in order to fully guarantee the taste and taste of the meat. If you marinate it for two hours, it will be tragic. In the past, I tried to make it by myself. I salted it for two hours and fried it in the pot. As a result, the meat was pasted before it was cooked. It was because the sugar was not absorbed by the ingredients and remained in the juice, which resulted in carbonization at high temperature. As a result, it was not only not sold but also bitter ~ < br > 4. It was fried. Remember to fry the meat in a big fire when its in the pan. Youll surely say if its going to change color outside, its not cooked inside. I can say responsibly that this worry is superfluous. I have tried that as long as your meat is not cut very thick, it will definitely cook. Fire frying can make the surface crisp, while the meat inside is still tender and juicy. If you

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