Sweet and sour simple walnut candy-health snack

It seems that I already have a walnut candy in my recipe. Its an upgraded version. The children took them to school last week, but they had not eaten them yet. They were all snatched up by their classmates. (I can imagine how delicious the Haha King Mother sells melons and boasts of herself.) This time, we did a little more, let the children hide a little less out, after all, we are not local tyrants ((> =)~

Food Material List

  • 1 Walnut 300g
  • 2 Raisins 30g
  • 3 Hawthorn Cake and Hawthorn Slices 50g
  • 4 Crystal sugar 250g-300g

Operational steps

  • 1 Never pick bitter walnuts. Walnuts can be cooked in a microwave oven (it took me several 40 seconds to turn them back and forth to make them crisp, oh, afraid of stir-frying).
    Sweet and sour
  • 2 When walnuts are cool, put them in a fresh-keeping bag and crush them slightly (not too crushed) and set aside for use.
    Sweet and sour
  • 3 While cooling walnuts, you can cut Hawthorn cakes and slices into granules and mix them for later use.
    Sweet and sour
  • 4 Ice sugar melts in a small medium heat. During this period, keep stirring to prevent the paste pan. When all ice sugar melts without granularity, you can prepare for the next step.
    Sweet and sour
  • 5 Pour in walnuts, raisin hawthorn cake and slices and stir vigorously (dont forget to turn off the fire)
    Sweet and sour
  • 6 Spread some oil on the cutting board to prevent sticking and take out the compaction.
    Sweet and sour
  • 7 When the knife is heated and cooled, the knife cant be laid (its hard) and its fragile.
    Sweet and sour
  • 8 It looks good to finish. Its absolutely a good health snack.
    Sweet and sour

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