Sweet and sour steak

Because the sweet and sour steak made by my mother was really unpleasant, I started my own business.~

Food Material List

  • 1 Meat chops and ribs according to personal preferences Appropriate amount

Operational steps

  • 1 Small row is added to boiled water to remove blood, colleagues add onion and ginger and a little cooking wine to remove fishy smell. Individuals like small rows can be filled without blood silk. Filtration < br /> small rows are added with cooking wine, scallion and ginger wine salts are marinated for 10-15 minutes, then small rows are fried twice. The first time the oil temperature should not be too high is mainly to remove blood silk and break off. The second time when the oil temperature is slightly higher, fry the surface of the rows to golden yellow. During the process, pay attention to controlling the oil temperature to avoid the rows getting too old. (This method, I think, is the best choice for ribs.)
  • 2 Add a little oil, garlic and ginger slices to the pot, then fragrance them and remove them (just taste to go fishy or not like ginger) and add small steaks. Sugar, vinegar, a little soy sauce and a little salt are added to the cooking wine (personal preferences can also be added when pickling). Add water after a little stir-frying. Watch out that the water does not change the small steaks, and at least if the small steaks are high. Half of the sauce is boiled in the lid for about 20 minutes before adding a lot of sugar (not too fond of starch, so you need to add a lot of sugar to make the sauce sticky) and then stir-fry over high heat to add vinegar according to your taste. When the sauce can hang on the small row, it can be out of the pot.
  • 3 Loading dishes, sprinkling flowers or whatever you like to see.


Pay attention to time and temperature when flying water and frying platoon, otherwise the platoon will get old easily. Be patient in juice collection!

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