Sweet Soup of Red Bean, Coix and Lily Warmer than Warm Men

Chinese medicine says that red bean soup and coix rice can be eaten in large quantities and every day, not only can dehumidify but also make the skin white, so every summer and winter can be cooked for family breakfast, or dessert after dinner.

Food Material List

  • 1 Red bean 1 bowls
  • 2 Job tears Half bowl
  • 3 Red-skinned peanut Half bowl
  • 4 Lily Appropriate amount
  • 5 Crystal sugar Appropriate amount

Operational steps

  • 1 Fresh lilies, remove the outer layer, peel off one piece and clean it.
    Sweet Soup of
  • 2 Prepare red beans and coix, according to the amount of family members to add, prepare a pressure cooker cold water first into red beans, coix, sugar, big fire boil, small fire boil for a quarter of an hour.
    Sweet Soup of
  • 3 A quarter of an hour later, the pressure cooker is cooled and deflated, the cover is opened, the red-skinned peanuts are covered and boiled in a small heat for another quarter of an hour. The beans will be boiled in a big heat and will not be shaped, so the big fire boiled and then boiled in a small heat.
    Sweet Soup of
  • 4 The cooking time is just right, all the beans are ripe, and finally put in the lily, do not cover and cook for a few minutes, the lily is soft and glutinous and can be enjoyed.
    Sweet Soup of
  • 5 Dont be too warm for a bowl in the morning of winter.
    Sweet Soup of
  • 6 Come on, please eat with your own eyes.
    Sweet Soup of
  • 7 Sweet Soup of Red Bean, Coix, Rice and Lily
    Sweet Soup of
  • 8 Sweet soup warmer than a warm man
    Sweet Soup of

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