Huaiyang cuisine

Sweetheart pastry

Food Material List

  • 1 Low Powder (Oil Shell Material) 200g
  • 2 Lard (oilskin material) 60g
  • 3 Low Powder (Oil Shell Material) 120g
  • 4 Lard (oilskin material) 60g
  • 5 Glutinous rice flour (filling material) 120g
  • 6 Cooked sesame (filling material) 40g
  • 7 Milk powder or coconut paste (stuffing) 30g

Operational steps

  • 1 The filling is made by melting water, sugar and oil in a pot, then turning it into a small fire, adding glutinous rice flour, sesame and milk powder. Mix well. Out of the pot, put into the plate, make a cake, put in the refrigerator for 30 minutes, and then do not stick hands.
  • 2 Oil-coated noodles, and noodles first.
  • 3 Make oil skin, make noodles into flour – make them into cakes.
  • 4 Put the corresponding size of crisps into the bread and wrap them like steamed buns.
  • 5 Roll the steamed bun along an axis with a rolling pin to form an oval shape.
  • 6 Roll up the long ellipse into a roll, roll the dough along the axis of the roll, and grow into an ellipse. Then roll it up and make the dough.
  • 7 Roll (or pull by hand) the final flour into a cake shape. Put the fillings that were previously frozen in the refrigerator into the cake. Roll it into a round cake. It looks as big as the wifes cake sold outside.
  • 8 Paper the baking tray and put in the cake.
  • 9 The oven was preheated at 190 degrees and baked for four or five centimeters. The upper and lower plates are baked at the same time, and the upper and lower plates are replaced once in the middle.


Note: No lard can be replaced by salad oil, but it may need more noodles, otherwise it may be difficult to shape.

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