Night snack

Taiji eel — top chef entries

By Yang Xi

Food Material List

  • 1 Ricefield eel 200g
  • 2 Water bamboo 100g
  • 3 Celery 100g
  • 4 green pepper One
  • 5 Egg One

Operational steps

  • 1 Remove the head of eel, open the mouth, wash the viscera, and cut the white stubble and celery into dices.
  • 2 Washed eel is cut into small sections. Eggs are beaten and mixed with salt and flour to form paste. The eel segments are hung up for reserve.
  • 3 Heat the oil in the pan until 80% hot. Add the battered eel segments and fry until golden brown. Set aside.
  • 4 The oil in the pan is burned to 70% and stir-fried with scallion, ginger, garlic and dry pepper. Add spicy sauce and stir-fry. Step 3: Fried eel segments are added and sauce is collected.
  • 5 Another pot of stir-fried celery;
  • 6 Shake the fried eel segment and the white celery according to the Tai Chi plate, and cut the green pepper into shreds to circle the Eight Diagrams.

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