Tianfuluo, also known as Tianbran, is an important part of traditional Japanese cuisine. “Heaven” means oil, “gluten” means flour, and “Luo” means coat. According to its name, Tianfuluo is a kind of food wrapped in flour coat, which is made from oil. It is also a general term for fried food. Tianfuluo, a kind of food, has been appearing in Japan for hundreds of years. At first, it was only a cheap food with low cost and relatively fast and convenient production. Later, it was loved by the Japanese shogunate and reformed, and gradually formed todays Tianfuluo. The fresh fish, shrimp and seasonal vegetables are wrapped in sizing and fried into golden yellow in a frying pan. The sauce is dipped in soy sauce and carrot mud to make the sauce fresh and delicious, fragrant and not greasy. To make tempura, the choice of raw materials is very important. Japanese people will choose different seasonal fresh vegetables according to different seasons. For example, in spring, sea bream, cauliflower, fresh bamboo shoots, asparagus, onion and so on are generally selected; in summer, eggplant, pumpkin, winter melon are selected; in autumn, fresh shellfish, conch, eel, cuttlefish and so on are selected; in addition, raw materials such as mushrooms, fresh shrimp are available in all seasons. This time I used wild Arctic shrimp from the Arctic Ocean and the North Atlantic. Wild Arctic shrimp is small, but tastes delicious, because it grows slowly in cold water and 150 meters deep sea. The most rare is from the cold and pure Arctic Ocean and the North Atlantic Sea, no pollution. The meat is compact and nutritious. Especially in the spawning season, the Arctic shrimp with seeds is rich in nutrition and tastes excellent. In fact, the wild Arctic sweet shrimp is also the best ingredient for Japanese sushi.

Food Material List

  • 1 Arctic shrimp

Operational steps

  • 1 Rub white radish into mud, add tempura juice or Japanese soy sauce to dip; peel off the shells of wild Arctic shrimp except the head and tail; wash and cut mushrooms, eggplant, carrot slices, and roll them in dry tempura powder first; mix tempura powder and ice water into paste with 1:1.5, the consistency of paste needs chopsticks. When the child is provoked, it can flow in a continuous straight line.
  • 2 Pour proper amount of oil into the pan and control the oil temperature at about 60%. Remove all the prepared materials from the pan with excess tempura powder, and then dip the prepared batter into the pan and fry them into golden yellow. Remove the excess oil from the surface with oil-absorbing paper and add dipping materials.

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