Ten minutes to get a quick fry for one person

I really dont know what to eat when Im at home. I like to cook more when I cook rice so that I can save the next meal for ten minutes.

Food Material List

  • 1 Leftovers Bowl
  • 2 Egg One
  • 3 Sauteed Green Beans Ten roots
  • 4 Paprika Two each
  • 5 Fermented soya bean Few
  • 6 Meat stuffing Few
  • 7 Shallot Few

Operational steps

  • 1 Put oil in the pan, stir-fry the eggs in the pan, add salt, chicken essence, scallions, rice and stir-fry well.
    Ten minutes to
  • 2 Cut the green beans and peppers in reserve.
    Ten minutes to
  • 3 Put the oil in the pan and the meat filling first.
    Ten minutes to
  • 4 Put in chili and salt soybean sauce.
    Ten minutes to
  • 5 Finally, put beans, chicken essence, a little raw pumping, a little water, stir-fry well and simmer for a while.
    Ten minutes to
  • 6 This is a fried product.
    Ten minutes to


First cook the rice, then cook the dishes. When the dishes are ready, they can be directly covered on them, and one less dish can be washed. Remember: dont cover the last stew!

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