a dish that goes with liquor

The coolest ice-stained balsam pear in summer^^

Its a hot summer! The magic weapon to go to hardship, a lot of!

Food Material List

  • 1 Balsam pear One root

Operational steps

  • 1 Ice-soaked balsam pear (with todays and Ma Ma Mas breakfast)
    cut balsam pear, remove the seeds and the white membranes attached to the inner column (this is the key to bitterness!) < br /> slice and saline for 10 minutes with a small amount of salt. < br /> Balsam pear slices cured in boiling water for about half a minute (so dont worry about salting, because this step solves all your doubts!) 4. Cooling water and soaking balsam pear slices in ice mineral water to cool (according to personal preferences!)
    with a little ice water to adjust the sauce, a little sugar, a little vinegar, a little soy sauce lost, a little salt (our family is light, what flavor you like can be developed by yourself, but not built Its too much soy sauce to recommend spicy sauce. Now go and enjoy this light summer food!
    The coolest ice-stained
  • 2 ~
    The coolest ice-stained


Honey, dont think bitter gourd can only be fried with oily stuff before it wont be bitter. The only bitter gourd with light weight and refreshing crispness is here. __________

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