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The Dragon Boat Festival should also be colorful! Flower rice dumplings!

Flower rice is a special product of Buyi and Zhuangs, also known as black rice. It is not only colorful, but also has a long taste. Every autumn, the Buyi people pick out the best glutinous rice and leave it alone for cooking. This flower rice dumpling combines tradition and innovation, and can be matched according to your own preferences.~

Food Material List

  • 1 Broccoli (Red)
  • 2 Dyeing rice (yellow)
  • 3 Blue Butterfly (Blue)
  • 4 Violet grass (purple)
  • 5 Maple Leaf (Black)
  • 6 Green = yellow (dyed rice) +blue (blue butterfly)
  • 7 Glutinous rice
  • 8 Cast leaves

Operational steps

  • 1 Dyes: < br /> red orchid (red), yellow rice (yellow), blue butterfly (blue), violet (purple), maple leaf (black) < br /> green = yellow (dyed rice) + blue (blue butterfly) < br /> Because of different personal preferences for color, < br /> the proportion of water and dyes below is for reference only. < br /> yellow: < br /> rice 1000g < br /> dyeing rice flower 18-20g < br /> water 1500g < br /> other colors: < br /> rice 1000g < br /> dye 200g < br /> water 2000g < br /> food materials: < br /> glutinous rice, rice dumpling leaves, cotton thread < br /> Here the dyeing method of blue rice < br /> other colors can be deduced in detail.
    The Dragon Boat
  • 2 Clean the blue butterfly with water and drain it for later use.
    The Dragon Boat
  • 3 After boiling the water, put it in the washed and drained blue butterfly, boil until the color is a little white, then turn off the fire and fish it out. The blue butterfly juice is filtered and cooled before the next step.
    The Dragon Boat
  • 4 Directly pour the unwashed rice into the blue butterfly juice, stirring slightly.
    The Dragon Boat
  • 5 Light blue rice can be obtained in 40 minutes and dark blue rice can be obtained in 3 hours.
    The Dragon Boat
  • 6 The colored rice is put on the gauze and steamed in a steamer for 1 hour.
    The Dragon Boat
  • 7 Steamed rice is dried in bamboo baskets and should not be exposed to the sun.
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  • 8 First, put the leaves of Zongye into hot water to blanch, so that when wrapped, the leaves of Zongye are not easy to crack.
    The Dragon Boat
  • 9 Cut off the leaves of Zongye.
    The Dragon Boat
  • 10 Wrap 2-3 leaves into a zongzi and tie it tightly with cotton thread. Steam in a pot for 40 minutes.
    The Dragon Boat
  • 11 How beautiful seven colors are!
    The Dragon Boat

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