Cold Dishes

The gorgeous transformation of overnight cold meals

Every time there is leftovers at home, they are wasted. They are fried the next day. Especially when rice is boiled with half of glutinous rice, the rice is soft and fragrant. When the leftovers are dried up overnight, the fried rice is delicious and explosive.

Food Material List

  • 1 Two eggs
  • 2 One sweet pepper
  • 3 A little dried mushroom
  • 4 A little scallion

Operational steps

  • 1 Lentinus edodes, scallion, diced sweet pepper, stir-fry in a pan and add a little salt
    The gorgeous transformation
  • 2 Mix egg juice with a small amount of salt and fry well. Cut small pieces with spatula
    The gorgeous transformation
  • 3 Put the cold rice into the pot, add the stir-fried diced vegetables, eggs, and onions, turn over the small fire!
    The gorgeous transformation
  • 4 Fragrant, sweet, waxy and soft fried rice is out of the oven!
    The gorgeous transformation

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