The next meal version of Kang Wa Cabbage

Sweet baby dishes are best made into soup dishes, with a little soybean sauce and signboard rice sauce, which cant stop after chopsticks are moved.

Food Material List

  • 1 Baby Cabbage 2 trees
  • 2 lean meat 100g
  • 3 Dry pepper 2

Operational steps

  • 1 Remove the roots and wash the baby vegetables. Cut into slices and set aside. Cut lean meat into thin shreds and dried pepper into sections.
    The next meal
  • 2 Pour oil into the pan, add the dried chili and stir-fry the soybean sauce slightly.
    The next meal
  • 3 Add shredded meat and stir-fry.
    The next meal
  • 4 Plus stir-fry the baby vegetables.
    The next meal
  • 5 Add soup and boil. Add salt and Haitian brand rice sauce and stir well.
    The next meal

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