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The palate is crisp, light and feathery.

Every time we go to a Japanese restaurant, our family loves the tempura very much. The Princess likes the shrimp tempura, the husband likes the squid tempura, and I like the vegetable tempura. However, the delicate small dish in the daily food, crisp and tender taste and the fragrance of soy sauce and radish mud, often two times on CD-ROM, eating is really not too addictive. I have been thinking about doing it at home. I have consulted a lot of Tianfuluo practices. There are many kinds of Tianfuluo, including vegetables, seafood and Shijin Tianfuluo. The key tempura is not simply fried food, but the most technological content in the daily food. A good tempura is definitely not just fried. Fried tempura should never feel greasy, but lightweight and calorie-free. In order to highlight the original flavor of raw materials, Tianfuluo paste is usually made very thin paste. Especially Tianfuluo, which is made of green vegetable, can still see the raw materials of the package. Sometimes one side of the vegetable leaves is pasty, while the other side is almost no paste. For Tianfuluo, which is made of fish or prawns, the raw materials are covered with paste, but only around them. Its just a very thin layer. This thin layer of flour coat is quickly formed in hot oil. It wraps the ingredients in the flour coat. The water in the ingredients evaporates and is wrapped in the flour coat. The food is steamed in the flour coat. Therefore, Tianfuluo dehydrates food by using the principle of insoluble water and oil, removes excess water from food, and makes food taste more rich and crisp and tender. This is also one of the characteristics of Tianfuluo. But how can we make a top-grade Tianfuluo with a crisp, light and feathery taste at home? First, whether vegetable or seafood, the selection must be fresh. Secondly, the batter must be ready for use only after all the vegetables have been prepared. Thirdly, when making batter, adding soda water, baking wine and ice can improve the crispness of the face clothes. If you dont like adding ice, you can put a basin of ice water under the container of the face clothes. Fourthly, it is best to buy top-grade Japanese tempura powder. If you dont have to use low-grade powder, then the frock will be thin and crisp. Fifth, the authentic high-end tempura shop uses sesame oil to fry tempura, or mixes sesame oil with other oils to fry. The original use of sesame oil has a factor is the low boiling point of sesame oil, and the best temperature of tempura is 180 degrees, so using sesame oil is better to control oil temperature. This can be adjusted according to your own situation. Sixth, we must use a deep pot, to withstand more than 160 degrees of hot oil in the deep pot, fried without splashing oil.

Food Material List

  • 1 Tengfuluo powder or low powder 120g
  • 2 Egg 1 only
  • 3 Soda water 120g
  • 4 Vodka Few

Operational steps

  • 1 Wash and peel the lotus root and cut it into 3 mm thick slices. Cut the small triangle along the stomata, then trim the edge. The lotus root is in the shape of a flower. (According to preference: 150 grams of lotus root, 80 grams of pepper, 40 grams of mushroom, 40 grams of celery leaves, 150 grams of eggplant, 400 grams of fresh shrimp)
    The palate is
  • 2 Wash the shrimp and remove the head and shell, leaving only a small part of the tail shell, remove the shrimp intestines, cut the shrimp abdomen with a knife 3 or 4 knives, do not cut off, gently press flat with a knife.
    The palate is
  • 3 Wash eggplant and pepper and slice them separately or in small segments.
    The palate is
  • 4 Rinse celery leaves, cut mushrooms and cut flowers. All vegetables are ready.
    The palate is
  • 5 Beat eggs, pour in cold soda water, add vodka, mix well, pour in starch and batter.
    The palate is
  • 6 Add ice batter and mix it. Take two bowls and put some dry powder in them. Wrap shrimps and vegetables with dry powder one by one.
    The palate is
  • 7 Vegetables are also coated with dry powder and hot oil in the pan.
    The palate is
  • 8 The food wrapped in dry powder is then dipped in the batter and coated with paste. It is fried in hot oil until golden brown on the surface. The mud of radish is a standard ingredient, which is both delicious and delicious. (dipping materials: white radish, ginger, soy sauce, weilin)
    The palate is

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