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Three Black Porridge (Black Soybean, Black Rice, Black Sesame) Electric Stew Pot

It was written on the package when I bought cereals. I checked it. It is said that insisting on eating for one month has the effect of breast enlargement. I have been eating for four days now.

Food Material List

  • 1 Black rice Quantity of flat bottom of small bowl
  • 2 Black soya bean Quantity of flat bottom of small bowl
  • 3 sesame Quantity of flat bottom of small bowl
  • 4 Brown sugar According to your own taste
  • 5 millet Appropriate amount

Operational steps

  • 1 Prepare ingredients and wash more than three times. This picture is black rice.
    Three Black Porridge
  • 2 Wash black beans more than three times and soak overnight (more than 6 hours)
    Three Black Porridge
  • 3 Black sesame and millet can be washed twice.
    Three Black Porridge
  • 4 Add proper amount of water and make an appointment for the working time of the electric stewing pot. Its almost 2.5 hours for my family to cook!
    Three Black Porridge
  • 5 Its good to add yellow sugar to the finished product.
    Three Black Porridge

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