Night snack

Three cups of potatoes

Food Material List

  • 1 Potato 3 only
  • 2 Basil 30g
  • 3 Red dates 6 grains
  • 4 Mushrooms 5 flower
  • 5 ginger 5 tablets
  • 6 Lentinus edodes soup 150ml

Operational steps

  • 1 Peeled potatoes, steamed in a pot for 15 minutes, chilled and cut into < br /> red dates to remove the core, washed Lentinus edodes, cut into pieces, drained water < br /> mushroom stem into strips, boiled with appropriate amount of water, turned to low heat, boiled fragrance and then seasoned with salt.
    Three cups of
  • 2 Deep-fry potatoes for about 1 minute after oil test temperature. Drain < br /> and add sesame oil in another pot. Fry ginger slices fragrantly, fry potatoes, dates and mushrooms, then stir-fry them. Pour in mushroom soup, drench, add a little sucrose, stir-fry them over high heat. Add nine layers of tower before starting the pot and stir-fry them.
    Three cups of


1. Lentinus edodes with dried hair is better. Fresh Lentinus edodes have more water and are not easy to fry. Lentinus edodes soup can be soaked in dried Lentinus edodes water. After precipitation and filtration, the < br > 2 and nine-layer towers need to be put before starting the pot, otherwise the aroma will be lost

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