Western-style food

Thumb Sweet Potato Chips

This is also a snack made for a long time, thinking that baby looks more appetite to make a long bar! The round ones are for purple potatoes!

Food Material List

  • 1 sweet potato
  • 2 Glutinous rice flour

Operational steps

  • 1 Sweet potatoes peeled and cut into pieces and cooked in a microwave oven over a small fire (microwave moisture will be less! Steamed rice has a lot of water and needs a lot of glutinous rice flour. Its not easy to fry and the color will burn.
  • 2 Steamed sweet potatoes crushed with a little glutinous rice flour and sugar knead evenly into what shape depends on your creativity!
  • 3 When the frying pan is 7% hot, you can fry the rubbed sweet potato chips until the color turns dark, yellow and the skin hardens. (Because sweet potatoes are cooked and a little glutinous rice flour is easy to fry! If you add more glutinous rice flour, it will not be easy to cook and fry for a long time! The colour is not so good.
  • 4 Fried sweet potatoes are taken out and put on kitchen paper to absorb oil and serve on a plate. (If you dont put sugar, you can also fry well with honey or condensed milk. Oh, sweet, crisp and fragrant.)

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