Tomato Beef Ball Soup

Food Material List

  • 1 Beef mince Appropriate amount
  • 2 tomato Appropriate amount
  • 3 Lotus root Appropriate amount
  • 4 Celery Appropriate amount

Operational steps

  • 1 Add wine, salt, starch, black pepper, chicken extract and less < br /> Xu Laozuo to beef mince. Slowly add water to meat filling and stir in one direction. Stir until < br /> meat filling is elastic, add water, and stir again. So about 3-4 times, the meat stuffing is sticky < br /> thick and elastic. Every time you add water, you need to add it several times. Less than br /> peel lotus root and cut it into pieces. Take celery stalk and cut it into small pieces. Mix the ginger minced with < br /> and stir in the beef minced vigorously.
    Tomato Beef Ball
  • 2 Put clear water in the pot, put two pieces of ginger, and boil.
    Tomato Beef Ball
  • 3 When the water is boiling, turn to a small fire, dig some beef fillings in your hands, and squeeze < br /> into pellets from the mouth of the tiger. (If you cant do this, you can dig a < br /> beef filling of < br /> beef balls with a spoon, hit the palm, scrape < br /> with a spoon, and then fall into the palm until the shape of the pellet.)
    Tomato Beef Ball
  • 4 Scrape the beef balls with a spoon and put them into the water. The beef balls will be heated and shaped.
    Tomato Beef Ball
  • 5 Put all the balls in the pot. After boiling, skim off the floating powder and continue < br /> boiling for five minutes.
    Tomato Beef Ball
  • 6 Wash the tomatoes and cut them into blocks.
    Tomato Beef Ball
  • 7 Put it in the pot and cook for two minutes.
    Tomato Beef Ball
  • 8 Add salt and chicken extract to taste, sprinkle onions and serve.
    Tomato Beef Ball


1. After adding seasoning to beef mince, add some fresh water and beat vigorously together. Water can make beef tenderer, and the balls made vigorously are fresh and tender.

2. The addition of lotus root and celery granules in beef filling can make the beef balls taste richer, crisp and fragrant.

3. If you want tomatoes in the finished soup to be in good shape, dont boil them too long. If you like the strong tomato flavor in the soup, it can prolong the time of boiling tomatoes in the pot.

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