Western-style food

Top Chef Stress Testing: Three Non-sticky

Food Material List

  • 1 egg-yolk yellow 5
  • 2 Sugar 125g
  • 3 lard Appropriate amount
  • 4 Wet starch 50g

Operational steps

  • 1 Add egg yolk, sugar and wet starch to 35 grams of water, mix with chopsticks and 125 grams of water.
  • 2 Place the pan on a hot fire, heat it, add lard, and pour the remaining oil into the skillet. Then pour in the stirred yolk, stir it for two minutes with a spoon, and then pour 25 grams of lard into the pan with a spoon three to four times.
  • 3 At the same time, stir-fry continuously, until golden yellow oil is not found, you can come out of the pot and load the dish.


1. The pan must be washed well with oil.
2. Stir-frying should not be done with vigorous fire, spoon should be stirred constantly.

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