Trial of Powder Suit Cumin Meat

Im very happy to receive the powder trial suit. It smells fragrant as soon as its opened. Toothpick meat made on trial today is very good for drinking, when snacks are OK

Food Material List

  • 1 Tenderloin A small piece
  • 2 salt Few
  • 3 Sugar A spoonful
  • 4 White pepper Few
  • 5 Sweet Potato Starch Three spoons
  • 6 Homemade chili sauce Few
  • 7 Cumin powder Few
  • 8 Toothpick A pack of

Operational steps

  • 1 Its delicious. Its delicious. Powder Suit Received
    Trial of Powder
  • 2 First cut the ridge into small pieces such as left, then break the silk path such as right with the knife back, and then cut into small pieces.
    Trial of Powder
  • 3 Add sugar, salt and white pepper, stir and marinate for half an hour.
    Trial of Powder
  • 4 Farmer-made sweet potato flour, supermarkets have bagged sales
    Trial of Powder
  • 5 Stir in
    Trial of Powder
  • 6 String up with toothpicks, be careful to prick your hands
    Trial of Powder
  • 7 Five minutes of oil heat starts to fry, after putting the meat stick, shake the pan to make the meat hot. Light shovel without sticking bottom and slowly frying
    Trial of Powder
  • 8 After frying, fish it out
    Trial of Powder
  • 9 Obas self-made daddy Gaga [see recipe], add a little bit or not too hot to bear, then sprinkle cumin powder and mix well < br /> can sprinkle some sesame is more fragrant.
    Trial of Powder
  • 10 Small decoration, fragrance, spicy wine suitable for snacks
    Trial of Powder

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