Trial-use duck meat fried concanavalin with classical extra-virgin olive oil of olive sauce Gallo

Its a pleasure to get a sample of “Olive Oil Gallo Classic Extra Primary Press”. This olive oil retains the natural aroma and taste of olives. It is a versatile product suitable for steaming, boiling, frying, frying and roasting. Fried vegetables directly with olive oil Gallo classic extra virgin olive oil, using the same method as ordinary rapeseed oil, while making the dishes taste richer and more delicious.

Food Material List

  • 1 duck leg One
  • 2 Canadian beans 200g

Operational steps

  • 1 Olive Oil Gallo Classic Extra Primary Press
    Trial-use duck meat
  • 2 Rip the beans and cut them into segments. Duck leg peeled, boned, and then cut into dices.
    Trial-use duck meat
  • 3 Put boiling water and a little salt in the pot, and put the cut-up beans into the boiling water. The drained water is in full bloom.
    Trial-use duck meat
  • 4 Take another pot and pour in olive oil.
    Trial-use duck meat
  • 5 When warm, pour in diced duck meat, stir-fry until the meat discolors. Pour in wine, soy sauce and a little sugar, and a little water. When the water is basically dry, stir-fry the scallops. Add some soy sauce.
    Trial-use duck meat
  • 6 Flourish.
    Trial-use duck meat

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