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Tuna Fried Spring Rolls

I like spring rolls very much and canned tuna very much. So we made tuna spring roll with Thai sweet and hot sauce. Seven of them were made and two of them were gnawed off.

Food Material List

  • 1 spring roll wrapper 7 sheets
  • 2 Canned tuna A can
  • 3 cabbage-leaf 2-3 sheets
  • 4 Shallot Half

Operational steps

  • 1 Wash and shred the leaves of Chinese cabbage. Mix them with salt and let them stand for a while to remove the water from the cabbage.
    Tuna Fried Spring
  • 2 Peel scallions, wash and cut in half. Take half of them and cut them into pieces.
    Tuna Fried Spring
  • 3 Canned spring tuna is dehydrated and crushed with spoon. Mix with vinegar, oyster oil, spicy powder, shredded cabbage and shallots.
    Tuna Fried Spring
  • 4 This is spring roll skin. Brush some water on _____________.
    Tuna Fried Spring
  • 5 Volume… Brush a little more water, fold both sides, roll again… Degree of deviation
    Tuna Fried Spring
  • 6 OK
    Tuna Fried Spring
  • 7 Pour a little more oil into the pan and heat it over medium heat. When its 80% hot, spring rolls are fried and turned over with fences. Deep-fry until golden brown. Remove and drain oil.~
    Tuna Fried Spring


1. Pay attention to the time of explosion. The rolls darkened as time went by.
2. Dont let bear children run around when you fry spring rolls.
3. Chinese cabbage and tuna must be dehydrated, otherwise the stuffing is too wet to pack.

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