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Vege Crispy Chicken Patty

I like chicken very much. Grandma gave me some bread crumb and thought about fried chicken steak. Super fragrance!

Food Material List

  • 1 Thigh Two roots

Operational steps

  • 1 Remove the chicken thigh bones and pat the ground chicken on the back of the knife. I think its big enough to cut it. Then marinate the meat with preservative film and put it in the refrigerator. I salted all night and ate it at noon the next day. The taste is in.
    Vege Crispy Chicken
  • 2 Eggs are scattered and starch and bread crumb are separated into plates. The order is to apply starch first and then dip the egg liquid evenly. Finally, wrap it in bread crumb. Its better not to have cracks in more wrapping points. The oil is heated. Put the chicken nuggets in medium heat and fry them slowly over low heat.
    Vege Crispy Chicken
  • 3 Use chopsticks to prod the number. The chicken is well cooked. Loading
    Vege Crispy Chicken
  • 4 If you want it to be easy to eat, cut it into small pieces. Its delicious to sprinkle or not. Crisp and crisp meals (> <)
    Vege Crispy Chicken


Eggs should be sticky and the thickness of chicken should be the same. Chicken breast is fine, too.

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