Wang Shixiang stewed onions

Today, I see the creators recommended by Luo Jis thinking micro-group. They use the most common food to make the most delicious taste, itchy heart and itchy hands. I want to try it. The results are not very successful, but the harvest is always there? Dougou Network exclusive start! Look at what you like or dislike.

Food Material List

  • 1 Shandong Onion 1500g
  • 2 ginger 8g
  • 3 Cooking wine 18ML
  • 4 soy sauce 21ml
  • 5 monosodium glutamate 6g
  • 6 Euryale powder 9g

Operational steps

  • 1 Buy Shandong scallions roughly, peel them, take the tenderest core, wash them and cut them into sections for reserve. The length of the segment I cut is different. This is the first time I did it.
    Wang Shixiang stewed
  • 2 Hot pot, warm oil, scallion section, fried! Attention, to fry thoroughly, soft can drain oil out of the pot, plate.
    Wang Shixiang stewed
  • 3 Ginger granules in warm oil, fragrant, mixed with soy sauce slightly boiled, add monosodium glutamate, Gouqin, pour evenly. Of course, I failed. I did it for the first time. But the taste is still dripping!
    Wang Shixiang stewed

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