Warm Heart Korean Sauce Homemade Hot Sweet and Vinegar Sauce

The story begins with New Years Eve reserve. I bought a bag of Daxi sweet, sour and hot sauce. Fried New Years Cake, made sweet and sour ribs, really good taste. Yesterday, I wanted to fry quail eggs with sweet and sour tiger skin, but I found that there was only one bag left – -_____________. So I decided to make this sauce by myself. I always like to record the ingredient list of packaging bags. Once again, I was stuck in my “food research and development laboratory” (3)

Food Material List

  • 1 Korean chili sauce Two scoops
  • 2 Cayenne pepper Three spoons
  • 3 Vinegar Ten scoops
  • 4 Fine white sugar Ten scoops
  • 5 Soy Sauce with Raw Sauce Three scoops
  • 6 salt Two spoons
  • 7 Daxi Beef Meal Three scoops
  • 8 Starch (dissolved in pear pulp) Four small spoons or so
  • 9 Pear pulp Eight scoops
  • 10 Lemon juice Seven scoops

Operational steps

  • 1 Id like to start by explaining the amount of spoon I wrote. Because it is a self-made sauce which is controlled by Daxida sweet and sour sauce formula, the amount of each condiment is constantly adjusted, so it can not be weighed. In my composition, “spoon” refers to the amount of one spoon of the standard spoon in the middle. “Small spoon” is the amount of one small spoon of the top size.
    Warm Heart Korean
  • 2 Prepare seasonings.
    Warm Heart Korean
  • 3 Sydney is sliced and beaten.
    Warm Heart Korean
  • 4 Take a small milk pot. Put in some water, boil and adjust the fire. I used a chocolate melting bowl. Just stand in a small dairy pan, uniformly and slowly heated. Like a wife who cooked magic sauce by the fireplace in childhood fairy tales? (*??)/ It can also be boiled in a pot. Thats to reduce the temperature. Dont boil to the bottom of the pot.
    Warm Heart Korean
  • 5 Put chili sauce, chili powder, white vinegar, sugar, salt, soy sauce, beef powder, lemon juice and pear pulp in order. At last, the starch should be dissolved in the pear pulp and poured into the pot. In the meantime, keep stirring, stirring for a while for each item in the same order. Like the old lady in fairy tales, she cooks sauce slowly, patiently and kindly. Its better to use a spoon with a long handle so that the hand wont be scalded by hot air. Easy to stir.
    Warm Heart Korean
  • 6 This recipe is one that I feel is infinitely close to the taste of Daxi sweet and sour sauce, but there are still some differences. You can try it while mixing. On the basis of my formula, you can make sweet and sour sauce that is suitable for your taste.
    Warm Heart Korean

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