Women cant live without dark green vegetables – — millet spicy mixed with purple sunflower

Vegetables in breakfast are the easiest to neglect, and preparing raw vegetables is the easiest. However, in case of physical discomfort, or wet and cold weather, raw vegetable is not appropriate. Lets do it in a warm mix. I have done warm spinach before. This time, I used the purple-backed sunflower. The method is similar. Look at the details below. Whether spinach or sunflower, dark green vegetables are often eaten by women. Dark green vegetables are rich in calcium, iron, vitamins and a lot of folic acid. They also have strong antioxidant activity. If you insist on eating for a while, you will see the benefits. In fact, the purple-backed sunflower is seldom seen in the market. I was also sent by a friend. The nutritive value of the purple-backed helianthus is very high, and it can enhance the immunity of the human body. If you have the opportunity to try, cold and warm mix, stir-fry, and make soup can click. In the next few days, I will send out some recipes of other methods of the purple-backed helianthus.

Food Material List

  • 1 begonia fimbristipula 200g
  • 2 Capsicum frutescens 4
  • 3 garlic 4 valves

Operational steps

  • 1 Purple-backed sunflower is washed with flowing water and knifed into a small section of about 5 cm.
    Women cant live
  • 2 Boil a pot of clear water. After the water boils, put the sunflower into it. After it is cooked, put it into warm water immediately.
    Women cant live
  • 3 Cut garlic into garlic powder and millet into small circles.
    Women cant live
  • 4 Mix all the materials in the container and mix well.
    Women cant live

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