Yellow Rose Mango Pudding

Food Material List

  • 1 Mango
  • 2 milk

Operational steps

  • 1 Mango is washed and peeled, and two pieces of meat are formed along the transverse side of the nucleus. One piece is cut vertically into small pieces (as thick as possible) and the other piece is stirred into mud.
  • 2 Heat milk with sugar over low heat to about 80 degrees. After quenching, pour the foamed fish gum powder into it.
  • 3 Mix the mango puree in a slightly cooled milk and put it into a mould (butter is applied to the mould in advance if you want to buckle it). Refrigerate and serve as mango pudding.
  • 4 Yellow roses made of fresh mango slices by hand: first, circle the smallest mango slices at both ends into flower centers, and then take the two ends of mango slices scattered around the edges, slowly showing a gorgeous “yellow rose” oh


Mango should be big, not too ripe, soft and rotten pulp slices are easy to collapse, too raw taste is not good, the edge is easy to break. Its not difficult to make yellow roses. It takes patience. I succeeded the first time I did it.

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