Northeast Cuisine

Yogurt Musk Cake (6 inches)

I fell in love with this cake at a glance. It is very suitable for summer. It tastes cold and not delicious.

Food Material List

  • 1 Sea wave
  • 2 RIO Blue 50g
  • 3 Sprite 70g
  • 4 Gelatin sheets 1 tablet (5g)
  • 5 Bottom of cake
  • 6 butter 30g
  • 7 Digestive biscuit crushing 70g
  • 8 Cake body
  • 9 Yogurt 320G
  • 10 Berry sugar 50g
  • 11 Gelatin sheets 3 tablets (15g)
  • 12 Unsalted butter 200g
  • 13 Decorative shells
  • 14 White chocolate 40g
  • 15 Decorative digestive biscuits Appropriate amount
  • 16 Decorate white chocolate or coconut Appropriate amount
  • 17 Girth Appropriate amount

Operational steps

  • 1 Marine production. Gelidine tablets 5g cold water bubble soft standby.
    Yogurt Musk Cake
  • 2 Sprite, heated in water, put in soft gelatin slices, stir until all melted, then pour in Rio and stir evenly. (Blue orange wine makes the waves darker, but because its more expensive, I chose the same blue Rio although its lighter.)
    Yogurt Musk Cake
  • 3 After cooling, enter the refrigerator freezer until it completely condenses.
    Yogurt Musk Cake
  • 4 Make the bottom of the cake. Butter melts in water to form a liquid.
    Yogurt Musk Cake
  • 5 Add digestive biscuit crushing (which I bought was crushed directly) if it is a whole biscuit, you can break it and put it in a fresh-keeping bag, crush it with a rolling pin, or beat it into powder by a cooking machine.
    Yogurt Musk Cake
  • 6 Stir to make it mixed evenly,
    Yogurt Musk Cake
  • 7 Lay it on the bottom of the mould and compact it flat. Put it in the refrigerator freezer.
    Yogurt Musk Cake
  • 8 The cake making part. Gelidine tablets are soft. After 1/2 yogurt is heated in water, put in soft gelatin slices and stir until melted.
    Yogurt Musk Cake
  • 9 Add the remaining 1/2 yogurt and mix well. Cool and stand by.
    Yogurt Musk Cake
  • 10 Light butter and sugar powder can be whisked until just the appearance of lines.
    Yogurt Musk Cake
  • 11 Pour the whipped cream into the cool yogurt and mix well. Be sure to cool down, or the temperature will melt the butter.
    Yogurt Musk Cake
  • 12 Pour it into the hardened mould at the bottom of the cake. Shake gently until the surface is smooth. Refrigerate for 2-3 hours.
    Yogurt Musk Cake
  • 13 Decorate the shell making part. White chocolate melts in water.
    Yogurt Musk Cake
  • 14 Pour it into the mould and put it in the refrigeration room to harden the chocolate.
    Yogurt Musk Cake
  • 15 Demoulding is very convenient. Refrigerate in the refrigerator.
    Yogurt Musk Cake
  • 16 Take out the frozen cake. Wipe the mould around with a hot towel (with a blower can also be used) and pad a cup at the bottom. Hold the mould around by hand and press down gently to remove the film. The white cake is beautiful.
    Yogurt Musk Cake
  • 17 Take out the sea freeze and mash it with a fork.
    Yogurt Musk Cake
  • 18 The cake body is surrounded by a rim. Marine frozen paving 2/3, digestive biscuit powder paving 1/3 for beach. Decorate the shells. The remaining white chocolate is scraped with a fork to make waves.
    Yogurt Musk Cake

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