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Yuanbao Cake

The key to success: 1. When mixing low flour, you can absorb water by beating the egg head and tapping the flour manually. You cant draw circles, otherwise you will get rid of tendons. 2. When adding yolk, you can quickly draw circles and stir without granules. 3. When beating egg white into cocktail shape, it will peak in 30 seconds. Do not beat more, or it will agglomerate. 4. Dont mix the protein paste too long, or it will defoam. 5. Shake the pan before baking.

Food Material List

  • 1 The batter part:
  • 2 Low-gluten flour 75g
  • 3 corn starch 30g
  • 4 Baking powder 2G
  • 5 Milk powder 1g
  • 6 Fine sugar 15g
  • 7 water 50g
  • 8 Salad oil 50g
  • 9 Yolk 60g
  • 10 Protein part:
  • 11 protein 130g
  • 12 cream of tartar 1.5g
  • 13 Fine sugar 65g

Operational steps

  • 1 Preparations: < br /> oven preheating < br /> tray pad grease paper
  • 2 Start: < br /> water, 50 g oil, 50 g sugar, 15 g sugar, put in a container and stir the sugar to melt.
    Yuanbao Cake
  • 3 Brushed starch 75g starch 30g baking powder 2G milk powder 1g mix to absorb water < br />.
    Yuanbao Cake
  • 4 Add 60g yolk and mix it manually and quickly for several times to make the batter granular < br /> (not excessive, this is very important)
    Yuanbao Cake
  • 5 Beat protein: < br /> protein 130g in mixing tank and beat at medium speed until foam
    Yuanbao Cake
  • 6 Add 1.5g fine sugar and 65g tower flour. Turn high speed to peak rigid foam < br /> (when protein hit cocktail, it will peak in about 30 seconds). It cant be beaten, otherwise it will cake.
  • 7 Divide one third of the protein paste into the batter, then cut and mix well. < br /> (to quickly cut and mix a few times, not excessive, will defoam)
  • 8 Mix the remaining protein paste into the batter, cut and mix well.
    Yuanbao Cake
  • 9 Take a mould and pour it into the batter.
    Yuanbao Cake
  • 10 Gently pull up the batter to form a circle
    Yuanbao Cake
  • 11 But the cusp of the batter needs to be rounded with a rubber scraper.
    Yuanbao Cake
  • 12 Setting the baking tray in another five positions with the mould and continuing to pour the batter into the mould is the same as the previous step.
  • 13 Till the batter is completely added, rub it round and shake the baking tray.
    Yuanbao Cake
  • 14 Bake for 20 minutes < br /> at 180 < 140 < br /> halfway for 15 minutes. Turn the baking tray and bake for 5 minutes.
  • 15 Shake the baking pan out of the oven
    Yuanbao Cake
  • 16 Cut the front of the cake into the middle < br /> with a serrated knife while it is hot.
    Yuanbao Cake
  • 17 On the contrary
    Yuanbao Cake
  • 18 Fold up the side and put on the salad dressing (just half on the cake)
    Yuanbao Cake
  • 19 And then they put the cake together.
    Yuanbao Cake
  • 20 Put a circle of salad dressing on the crack
    Yuanbao Cake
  • 21 Pork floss < br /> is dipped in the place with salad dressing. (Pork floss cakes should be crushed and dipped in advance.)
    Yuanbao Cake

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