Fire squid

Both my husband and I love squid. I always go to the store outside to eat it. When I once ate it, I said it was very simple. I think I can do it. So I looked at the ingredients in the dishes and went home to think for myself. My husband didnt believe in my cooking. Haha! Im a famous gourmet! In the end, its worked out! After that, my husband ate and said that it was better than that store outside. Haha, a sense of achievement!

Food Material List

  • 1 Tentacles of squid 3 article
  • 2 Squid carcass 2 article
  • 3 Green pepper 8
  • 4 Chili Red 8
  • 5 Star anise
  • 6 Chinese cinnamon
  • 7 Old soy sauce
  • 8 Green Chinese onion One tree
  • 9 onion Half
  • 10 Pixian watercress
  • 11 Cumin powder
  • 12 seed powder of Chinese prickly ash
  • 13 salt
  • 14 Edible oil
  • 15 Fragrant leaf

Operational steps

  • 1 Forgive me for not taking pictures of the steps.
  • 2 Squid washed, carcass shredded, squid whiskers cut. Cut scallions, green peppers and red peppers. Cut onions into granules.
  • 3 Add water to the pot. After boiling the water, first boil the cut squid with water. In this case, there is not so much water when stir-frying. More Q
  • 4 Put oil in the pan and heat it. Add Pixian Bean Flap and stir-fry the red oil. Add the reserve onions, scallions, chili, anise, cinnamon and fragrant leaves in turn. After frying the fragrance, add the dried squid in hot water.
  • 5 Stir-fry, add a few drops of old smoke, add a little salt after 1 minute, because Pixian bean is salty, taste it before putting salt in it. Finally, add cumin powder and pepper powder. Start the pot! Loading plate!
    Fire squid

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