Fish fillets with eggplant sauce

Food Material List

  • 1 fish One article
  • 2 lemon One
  • 3 starch A pack of
  • 4 Cooking wine A small spoon
  • 5 Tomato paste (sauce) Three spoons (13 bowls)
  • 6 salt Few
  • 7 sugar Few
  • 8 soy sauce Several drops
  • 9 oil Appropriate amount

Operational steps

  • 1 One fish, one lemon, one starch bag, one spoonful of cooking wine, three spoonfuls of tomato sauce (1/3 bowl), a little sugar, a little salt, a few drops of soy sauce, a little amount of sauce
    Fish fillets with
  • 2 Cut fish fillets,
    Fish fillets with
  • 3 Add a few drops of lemon juice.
    Fish fillets with
  • 4 A small spoonful of cooking wine, a little salt (not completely flavored) marinated for about 10 minutes
    Fish fillets with
  • 5 Sift a layer of starch on the board.
    Fish fillets with
  • 6 Spread fish on starch.
    Fish fillets with
  • 7 Sift in another layer of starch to make the fish noodles stick to starch evenly.
    Fish fillets with
  • 8 Heat the oil in the pan, pour about 60% heat, gently shake off the excess starch on the fillets.
    Fish fillets with
  • 9 Put one piece into the pot and fry until golden. Fry the fillets several times separately so that they dont stick together.
    Fish fillets with
  • 10 Deep-fry all the fish fillets. The oil temperature rises to about 80% heat. Put the fish fillets into the pot again and fry them quickly. Be careful not to make the fish fillets too dark.
    Fish fillets with
  • 11 In the bowl, prepare half a bowl of water, drop a few drops of soy sauce, drop a little lemon juice, a little sugar, a little salt, and mix the sweet and sour juice that suits your taste.
    Fish fillets with
  • 12 Hot oil, add a little oil, pour in tomato sauce, stir-fry for a moment.
    Fish fillets with
  • 13 Before pouring in the sauce, boil it, try the taste first, and then mix the proportion of salt and sugar or vinegar to achieve the taste that suits you.
    Fish fillets with
  • 14 Pour the fish fillets in, stir-fry them quickly and evenly, then wrap them in the soup. Dont take soup if you like it.
    Fish fillets with
  • 15 Stir-fry evenly and then come out of the pot. If you dont like too much soup, you can slowly collect the juice to suit your own degree and then pack it up for eating.
    Fish fillets with


1. The thinner the thinner the crisper the thicker the fillet is, the thinner the thinner the fillet is, the thicker the fillet will be. Before frying, the fillet must be wrapped with a thin layer of starch

3. When frying the fillet for the first time, it is better to separate the fillets several times, so as to avoid the sticking of the fillets to each other, or to avoid the curling of the

4 fillets to fry again for a longer time. Keeping the crisp taste of fish fillets

5, the more juice hanging, the thicker the base, the less crisp the taste of fish fillets. If it is crisp, the amount of juice should be reduced.

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