Five minutes to make a delightful meal-scrambled eggs with tomatoes and onions

Occasionally faced with a shortage of refrigerators, casual chaos, so a fried pot, the final result is unexpected. Have you ever tried that? This time, we recommend this very tasty fried eggs with tomatoes and onions. Usually, I eat with my family and come to some similar home-cooked dishes. They are not rich but fragrant. They are not so cumbersome, warm and pleasant to cook. In the future, I will show you more about this kind of mixed and simple fast food. Im sure youll like it.

Food Material List

  • 1 onion 1
  • 2 Egg 2
  • 3 tomato 1

Operational steps

  • 1 Peel onions, cut tomatoes, chop garlic, and beat eggs.
    Five minutes to
  • 2 Oil is added to the pot. After oil is heated, the egg juice is poured into the pot. After the egg juice bubbles, the chopsticks are scattered and put out.
    Five minutes to
  • 3 Add a small amount of oil to the pot, heat it to 6 degrees, add pepper powder, stir-fry onions, and pour in sauce.
    Five minutes to
  • 4 Add fried tomatoes, eggs and garlic in turn. Stir-fry until the tomatoes are slightly watered and seasoned with salt, then the pot will come out.
    Five minutes to

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