Fresh shrimp roll with oil skin

Food Material List

  • 1 Prawn 13 only
  • 2 Carrot 1 piece
  • 3 salt Teaspoon
  • 4 Chicken essence Teaspoon
  • 5 Black pepper 8-10 grains
  • 6 ground ginger A handful
  • 7 egg white Half
  • 8 fried tofu skin 1 sheets

Operational steps

  • 1 The shrimp is peeled off to remove the mud thread, patted with the back of the knife and cut into fine sticky minced meat.
    Fresh shrimp roll
  • 2 A small amount of carrot is cut into small dices.
    Fresh shrimp roll
  • 3 Add salt, chicken extract, ground black pepper and about one sixteenth teaspoon of ginger powder. Beat in half of the egg white and stir in the same direction.
    Fresh shrimp roll
  • 4 Stir until the egg white is absorbed by shrimp paste, then pour in the carrot crumbs and continue to stir until strong.
    Fresh shrimp roll
  • 5 Prepare a fried bean skin. I bought dried soybean skin, so I soaked it soft in advance.
    Fresh shrimp roll
  • 6 Shrimp paste is evenly spread on the skin of oil beans. Leave a proper distance on the edge. Dont spread it all over. Roll it up like a roll of sushi.
    Fresh shrimp roll
  • 7 Dip the knife in water and gently cut the shrimp roll into 6 segments.
    Fresh shrimp roll
  • 8 In the steaming pot, turn to medium heat after boiling water over high heat. Steam for 5 to 6 minutes.
    Fresh shrimp roll
  • 9 The finished product is rich in fresh and sweet shrimp, and the shrimp meat is elastic and chewy. You can also add a little pea and corn in shrimp paste, the finished product will be more colorful and beautiful.
    Fresh shrimp roll

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