[Golden Garlic Braised Rice Fish]–Delicious Fish with Full Garlic Flavor

Golden garlic is the delicacy of garlic after frying or frying. In the process of frying garlic, the odor and pungency of garlic are taken away, leaving a special fragrance. The oil of fried garlic is full of garlic fragrance, and the flavor of fried vegetables or cold dishes with garlic oil is unique. Rice fish is delicious, one of the economic fishes of seafood, and also of high economic value. It has the functions of nourishing blood, stopping bleeding, tonifying kidney and essence, moistening lung, strengthening spleen and eliminating inflammation. Rice bladder has the highest nutritional value. It has the functions of nourishing blood, nourishing kidney, moistening lung, invigorating spleen and eliminating inflammation. After the garlic is fried, the essence of garlic is integrated into the oil, and then fried fish with garlic oil. The fish absorbs the essence of garlic. After the garlic is stewed with the fish, the fishs taste is accepted. It can be said that you have me and I have you. The perfect combination of the two will definitely make the tasting tasted pleasant and memorable.

Food Material List

  • 1 Rice fish 1 article
  • 2 garlic 300g

Operational steps

  • 1 Ingredients: 1 rice fish, 300g garlic
    accessories: scallion, ginger, red pepper
    condiments: sauce, sauce, salt, sugar, cooking wine
    [Golden Garlic Braised
  • 2 Rinse off the viscera of the fish and scratch the knife obliquely on both sides of the fish body.
    [Golden Garlic Braised
  • 3 When the oil is heated at 5%, fry garlic in the pan.
    [Golden Garlic Braised
  • 4 Deep-fried golden brown and fished out for reserve
    [Golden Garlic Braised
  • 5 Fried fish with fried garlic. Fry the fish golden on both sides. After frying the fish, put the fried garlic into the pot.
    [Golden Garlic Braised
  • 6 According to personal taste, add sauce, sauce, salt, sugar, cooking wine, and flush into boiled water in turn. The water should be no more than fish.
    [Golden Garlic Braised
  • 7 Stew for 30 minutes after boiling water.
    [Golden Garlic Braised
  • 8 Remove the fish from the dish, thicken the sauce in the pot, pour it over the fish and sprinkle with shredded scallions.
    [Golden Garlic Braised


1. When frying garlic, the oil temperature should not be too high to avoid garlic fried paste, while allowing garlic fragrance to be integrated into the oil;
2. Condiments should be added according to personal taste.

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