Home stewed beef

To live at home, a pot of beef is really necessary. The stewed beef can be dried and eaten with noodles, or cold sauce with fragrant oil, and that pot of stewed juice. I believe that many families have a pot of old stewed juice in their refrigerators all the year round. The older the steamed beef, the more fragrant it is, the more reluctant it is to be poured out. Well-stewed beef, I like to eat it directly with scallions and sesame oil. Its not greasy to dip in some marinated juice. Eat, very happy. This summer, my mother came to see us from her hometown. Her favorite food is beef. She deliberately put it in the refrigerator in advance. When eating, she cut the table directly, which is convenient and fast. The key is that it tastes fresh and fragrant. The time spent together is always short and extremely precious. They all say that old people are old children. They really feel that, with the passage of time, their shoulders, which we used to rely on, are gradually bent down and no longer straight. Many times, we need our love and protection. So, take advantage of the time, treat them well and love them. Even if, just a family meal, a dish.

Food Material List

  • 1 Beef hind leg meat 1kg

Operational steps

  • 1 1. Buy the beef, cook it over a medium-sized fire, add water until the beef has been stewed for half an hour, and remove the smell from the meat.
    2. Re-pour warm boiling water into the beef after removing the fishy smell until it has no meat. (No old brine was used this time, and the brine was reburned).
    3. Add balsam leaf, anise, strawberry, ginger slices and ice sugar, add a little vinegar, and bring to a boil.
    4. Add dry red pepper, scallion and soy sauce, and continue to simmer over high heat for about an hour.
    5. Turn off the fire and simmer for half an hour.
    6. The stewed beef can be chilled in the refrigerator and sliced.
    Home stewed beef

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