Homemade pork floss

My good sister Coco sent out pictures of homemade meat floss in the circle of friends, which is very attractive. After consulting me, I decided to try it out immediately. The finished product is good and sent out for the reference of interested friends. The first time to make meat floss to this level, can not do without the patient and meticulous guidance of the coco teacher, the greatest contribution! It is also inseparable from Yang Yings solid and stable cooking skills and open-minded and eager to learn attitude. [Naughty] Thank you again for your beautiful and wise teacher, Mr. Coco. Are you satisfied with this assignment?

Food Material List

  • 1 Lean pork

Operational steps

  • 1 Lean meat is removed from fascia and fat, cooked and cooled. The process of cooking meat forgot to take photos. Its very simple. Its better to throw a few slices of ginger in the pot. Lean meat slowly shredded after
    drying. This process is a great test of patience. Students with impetuous personality can do more to cultivate their self-cultivation. (^ ^)
    Homemade pork floss
  • 2 The rolling pin beats the shredded meat on the vegetable board, and a dish of shredded meat beats several times. The dish is covered with a fresh-keeping film, which makes the beating process more smooth. I like something with a slight taste, so its too bad not to knock too long. Based on my past experience in cooking, a wet towel was placed under the board to prevent co-vibration.
    Homemade pork floss
  • 3 Heat the non-stick pan without oil, stir-fry with a small chalk spoon, and keep stirring to prevent pasting. Later, it was found that for me, the wooden spoon was hard to use. Instead, I grabbed it with my left hand and flipped it with chopsticks on the right, making it easier to operate. Because it has always been a small fire, so dont worry about hot hands, so fried out more fluffy. Season soy sauce and granulated sugar in the middle, stir-fry until meat is dry and loose.
    Homemade pork floss
  • 4 The meat floss is fried, served in a pan and served on a plate. After tasting, it is cooled and stored in a sealed refrigerator. Whatever drops of meat loaf bread or meat loaf sandwiches are, dont worry any more, just use them as you like.
    Homemade pork floss


Meat floss needs very simple ingredients, mainly to test the patience of the production. When pork is replaced with beef, beef floss is made.

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