Homemade Roast Whole Chicken (Heidegger)

Haha, because Dad suddenly wanted to eat roast chicken, so he did it by himself!

Food Material List

  • 1 Little hen One
  • 2 Oyster Sauce 30g
  • 3 Soy sauce 10g
  • 4 Salad oil 10g
  • 5 Clean water 15g
  • 6 Barbecue Material Appropriate amount
  • 7 Cayenne pepper Appropriate amount
  • 8 salt Appropriate amount
  • 9 onion Half
  • 10 Fresh green Appropriate amount
  • 11 ginger Appropriate amount
  • 12 Honey 5g

Operational steps

  • 1 First, mix salad oil, oil consumption, raw soy sauce, chili powder, barbecue, salt and water into sauce according to your preferences.
    Homemade Roast Whole
  • 2 Cut half of the onion and ginger into small pieces and put them in the sauce.
    Homemade Roast Whole
  • 3 Spread onion sauce evenly on the chicken. (Make sure there are many small holes in the chicken before smearing to make the chicken taste better.) After that, the remaining sauce with onions is stuffed into the chicken belly with green onions, sealed with toothpickles, and put in the refrigerator for a day to marinate.
    Homemade Roast Whole
  • 4 Put the chicken string marinated in the refrigerator for a day on the roasting fork. Brush the remaining sauce in the pot over and over again on the chicken body, and you can put it in the oven. (Remember to fix the chicken wings and legs on the chicken, otherwise its very inconvenient to roast. I use toothpicks and cotton ropes myself.)
    Homemade Roast Whole
  • 5 After preheating for 10 minutes, put the chicken in the oven. Rotate the function button. The hot air of the roasting fork starts to roast at 200 degrees for 60 minutes (according to the size of the chicken and the temperature of the oven, you can adjust yourself). After half an hour, brush the chicken with sauce. After 50 minutes, brush the honey water (a spoonful of honey and a spoonful of water). You can bake chicken for 10 minutes once!!
    Homemade Roast Whole
  • 6 Roasting golden yellow is done!
    Homemade Roast Whole

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