Korean Baked Steamed Bread with Chewing Flavor

At the weekend, Beijing ushered in the first heavy snow in 2009, which made it feel winter ahead of time before the beginning of winter. Snow like goose feather, slowly drifting down, still sleeping, I was awakened by my husband that it was snowing, I first wanted to take pictures to leave this moment. But for a variety of reasons failed, look forward to this years second snow bar. I like snow. Every time it snows heavily, there will be childlike excitement, and my mood will become better. Waist is not good, did not go out, but not idle at home, a few days ago made red radish shredded steamed dumplings, my husband loves to eat, always tell me like, eat very refreshing. It was snowing heavily today, thinking that it would be comfortable to cook steamed dumplings at home, I decided to make dumplings at home. In the afternoon, I felt fit and made this bread. Last week, when I visited every house, I saw that everyone was making this bread. It seemed that the whole people were doing it. They all boast that they are delicious. If not, it tastes really good. Especially the aroma of the bottom sesame and the crisp fried, I ate three at a time. Im busy from 1 p.m. to 6 p.m., making bread takes a long time and takes time. This is known as Korean steamed bread, which is basically like bread. Korean baked steamed bread is an innovative characteristic food based on the advantages of Chinese traditional steamed bread and Western bread. It is two concepts in traditional sense. It is baked directly with raw noodles and ingredients without steaming. The bottom of the steamed bread is golden yellow, very crisp, the upper part is white and yellow, the middle is milky white, very fragrant, and the taste is crisp and crisp.

Food Material List

  • 1 High powder 175g
  • 2 20x 20cm square baking pan 16
  • 3 White sugar (pot bottom dipping) 5g
  • 4 Low flour (10g dipping at the bottom of the pan) 75g
  • 5 Sesame (pot bottom dipping) 5g

Operational steps

  • 1 Put milk and broken eggs in the bread machine bucket, salt in one corner of the bread machine and sugar in the other corner.
    Korean Baked Steamed
  • 2 Cover the bottom of the barrel with high flour starch, add baking powder, dig a hole in the middle of the flour, put yeast in it, do not contact with water.
    Korean Baked Steamed
  • 3 After kneading dough twice, the bread machine ferments for about 1 hour. In winter, when it is colder in the north, it is suggested to ferment by electricity and exhaust after fermentation.
    Korean Baked Steamed
  • 4 Divide into 8 parts on average, knead round the back cover and let it relax for 15 minutes.
    Korean Baked Steamed
  • 5 Take a dough and roll it into rolls.
    Korean Baked Steamed
  • 6 Make the rest of the dough according to this method. Cover the fresh-keeping film and let it relax for 10 minutes.
    Korean Baked Steamed
  • 7 Mix bottom Stain material
    Korean Baked Steamed
  • 8 Oil the baking tray. After relaxation, cut the roll in the middle and stain it on the baking tray.
    Korean Baked Steamed
  • 9 After pressing each roll evenly by hand, the final fermentation is carried out. After fermentation is twice as large, the surface is brushed and sprinkled with white sesame seeds. A proper amount of oil is poured into the baking tray and baked in a preheated oven. After the oven is out, honey water is brushed while the oven is hot.
    Korean Baked Steamed


1. My oven is small ACA16L. The first time I put it in the middle 230 degrees, the bread surface was quickly colored and slightly pasty. The second time I put it in the lower layer, the temperature was set to 200 degrees, 15 minutes just for reference. It is recommended to observe the baking side by side.
2. Just out of the oven, brush honey water, the proportion of honey water is 1; 1
3. North is now relatively cold, fermented with oven, it is recommended that the bottom of the baking pan, hot water into the baking pan, the upper layer of the grill, the grill for fermented bread dough. You can also preheat the oven before fermentation.

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