Kumquat Compote

This season, it is the season of frequent colds, save such a small pot, when candied to eat, appetizer and relieve the hunger; you can also add some water into orange juice, thirst, to prevent colds… In addition, kumquat can dissolve phlegm, quench thirst, consume food, sober up, can prevent and cure colds, reduce blood lipids. Golden orange fruit is rich in vitamin C, prevent vascular sclerosis, hypertension and other diseases to a certain extent.

Food Material List

  • 1 Kumquat

Operational steps

  • 1 After rinsing the oranges, soak them in dilute salt water for 20 minutes. Rinse them again and remove the water for drying.
    Kumquat Compote
  • 2 Scratch 4 knives vertically on kumquat with a knife, press hard with thumb, remove orange seeds
    Kumquat Compote
  • 3 The processed kumquat is put into a clean oil-free and water-free bowl, sprinkled with white sugar, marinated for 12 hours until the sugar melts, and the mucus becomes more.
    Kumquat Compote
  • 4 Add a bowl of clear water to the soup pot, add ice sugar to boil, then pour the cured kumquat with water into the soup pot. Boil it again, then turn to low heat and slow boil until the surface of the orange becomes soft, the inside is transparent, and the juice is collected to the extent that you like.
    Kumquat Compote
  • 5 After cooling, put it in an oil-free and water-free sealed glass bottle and pour a few spoonfuls of honey on it.
    Kumquat Compote


1. My dosage is about 500g of kumquat, 40g of soft sugar, 100g of ice sugar and 40g of honey. You can adjust the sweetness according to your preferences.
(Mianbai Sugar can be replaced by sugar)
2. Because there is no preservative added, it needs to be sealed and refrigerated, and it is best to eat it in 2 weeks.
3. In fact, I used to cut the oranges in half to make sugar. This time, I made a special effort to scratch the flower knife and then press it flat.
The fact tells me that this approach has little merit except complexity. Therefore, it is suggested that if you do it yourself, step 2 should be changed directly to “cut the orange in half and remove the orange seeds”

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