Leek egg and mushroom dumpling

Food Material List

  • 1 Hotbed chives 500g
  • 2 Mushrooms 500g
  • 3 Egg 3
  • 4 salt 1 scoops
  • 5 Soy sauce 1 scoops
  • 6 Oyster sauce 1 scoops
  • 7 Sesame oil Appropriate amount

Operational steps

  • 1 Beat eggs and add 1 spoon salt. Stir-fry them in a frying pan and shatter them for later use.
    Leek egg and
  • 2 Cut the dried leek into small sections, the smaller the better. Mix in a bowl and add the fragrant oil. The amount of the fragrant oil can ensure that the incision of leek is wrapped, so as to avoid later water.
    Leek egg and
  • 3 Add crushed mushrooms and eggs, stir well in one direction, then add raw soy sauce and oyster oil to mix well. Ps: There is salt in the eggs, and no salt is added to the stuffing.
    Leek egg and
  • 4 The finished products can be dipped according to their usual preferences. I personally prefer sour soup.
    Leek egg and
  • 5 Place scallion, coriander and laver in a bowl, add a little salt, sauce, high soup, white pepper, chili oil, boiling water, add vinegar to reserve, cook dumplings and spoon into it.
    Leek egg and

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