Leek pie

Food Material List

  • 1 flour
  • 2 Leek
  • 3 Egg
  • 4 Vermicelli
  • 5 Dried shrimps

Operational steps

  • 1 First, mix noodles. Pour boiling water about 80 degrees into the flour and stir with chopsticks to flocculate.
    Leek pie
  • 2 After not ironing the hands, knead them into smooth dough and cover them with a cover.
    Leek pie
  • 3 The noodles were soaked in warm water for half an hour. This noodle is a pure green food. The potato powder made by my mother-in-law is very delicious.
    Leek pie
  • 4 Boil the water in a boiling pot and bring out the supercooled water.
    Leek pie
  • 5 Eggs are dispersed with enough salt, which refers to the salt content of the whole filling.
    Leek pie
  • 6 Put enough oil in the pan to heat and fry the eggs. This enough oil refers to the oil needed for the whole filling.
    Leek pie
  • 7 Mash the eggs with a spatula.
    Leek pie
  • 8 Put in clean shrimp skin.
    Leek pie
  • 9 Cut the leek into pieces and put it in.
    Leek pie
  • 10 The noodles are cut and put in.
    Leek pie
  • 11 Stir in a little soy sauce and oyster sauce.
    Leek pie
  • 12 Finally, mix with some oil and the filling will be ready.
    Leek pie


1. The dough can be hair dough or hot dough. Its easier to hot dough and the baked cake is also soft.
3. Leek stuffing must be washed well in advance to control the moisture content, otherwise it is easy to produce water and not good preparation. My leek was washed one night ahead of time. When filling was made at noon the next day, the moisture was basically controlled. You can also cut leek, mix with oil and mix with other fillings, which can also effectively prevent water.
4. Add enough salt to the eggs, and then mix the stuffing without adding salt, so as to avoid chives directly touching salt, but also to prevent water.
5. When scrambling eggs, add enough oil, and then no longer need to put oil, oil-rich scrambled eggs are more fluffy, and can also incidentally boil oil, such oil mix filling is more delicious.
6. Leek filling need not put too much seasoning, scallions and ginger are avoided, less soy sauce and oyster sauce seasoning can be put, so as to maintain the fragrance of leek. I usually cook leek with little seasoning, such as fried leek eggs only with oil and salt, it tastes delicious.
7. Fragrant oil volatilizes easily, so put it in the end.
8. After the leek filling is prepared, it is better to prepare it immediately. The spicy taste of leek will be strong after a long time, which will affect the quality of pie.
9. The dough and stuffing are basically ripe. They can be eaten with yellowish on both sides without being branded for too long.

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