Lentinus edodes with halogen lotus root

Food Material List

  • 1 Mushrooms
  • 2 Lotus root

Operational steps

  • 1 Rinse and slice the lotus root peeled. Wash and cut the mushroom. It tastes good.
    Lentinus edodes with
  • 2 Pour the old sauce wine directly into the pot and add the ingredients such as star anise leaves to boil.
    Lentinus edodes with
  • 3 The prepared soup is boiled, then poured into the old brine and boiled again.
    Lentinus edodes with
  • 4 Add Lentinus edodes and lotus root slices.
    Lentinus edodes with
  • 5 Cook the ingredients over low heat for 15 minutes.
    Lentinus edodes with
  • 6 The cooked food is stewed for a while, then the lid is opened and the food is taken out.
    Lentinus edodes with


1. Vegetables used for brine must be able to withstand the fire.
2. Every time the marinated food is brined, all the spices in it should be fished out and stored in the refrigerator freezer.
3. The brine is often not heated occasionally.

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