lettuce with oyster sauce

No story. Pure hobby

Food Material List

  • 1 Romaine Lettuce 500g
  • 2 garlic 6

Operational steps

  • 1 I dont know how to be a Chinese traditional girl. I always hope that I can cook a good dish, so I keep learning. This dish is very simple, but it tastes good.
    lettuce with oyster
  • 2 First, boil the water in the pot, pour a little cooking oil into the pot, put a little salt in the pot, and then burn the lettuce. I fished it out in about a minute or two. Then control the water to drain.
  • 3 This is the key to this dish. First of all, the more garlic you have to chop and prepare, the better, probably because I like garlic better. Haha, then put a little cooking oil into the pot and heat it up, then put a little oil into it and stir-fry the garlic puree. Put the sugar and vinegar into the pot and boil for 30 seconds or so, then pour the juice on the lettuce. It tastes super good.

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