Mothers dish: potatoes, braised beef brisket

Mothers taste, when I was a child, my mother often cooked for me to eat, fragrant rice poured with broth, with potatoes and beef brisket to eat, Wow – thats a beautiful! Later, I learned that it was called “Gai Tiao Di”. This dish is too good to eat. Now lets learn about it.

Food Material List

  • 1 Sirloin Half Jin
  • 2 Potato One
  • 3 Kidney bean A handful of

Operational steps

  • 1 Cut potatoes into cutters and brisket into cubes. Keep kidney beans in cold water the night before.
    Mothers dish: potatoes,
  • 2 Add the prepared scallions, ginger, dried peppers, anise and kidney beans in a pressure cooker for 10 minutes. Pay attention to not adding too much water.
    Mothers dish: potatoes,
  • 3 Turn the frying pan and stew the soup together until the soup is finished.
    Mothers dish: potatoes,
  • 4 Heat oil, fry chili peppers, add potatoes, fry salt, soy sauce, add water without potatoes, collect juice, and stir constantly when drying to avoid pasting the pot. Finally, add boiled kidney beans and fry together, and then you can put them into the pot and dish.
    Mothers dish: potatoes,
  • 5 Potatoes and beef are out of the pot.
    Mothers dish: potatoes,


When pressing brisket, water does not need to be added too much, beef is not enough, when roasting meat does not need water, add broth to collect juice, which is more delicious; adding kidney beans is absolutely a bright spot, because it is really delicious.

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