Mung Bean and Coijen Decoction

Mung bean has the function of clearing away heat and detoxification, and coix seed has the function of invigorating spleen and removing dampness. Together, they have the effect of clearing heat, removing dampness and invigorating spleen. It is suitable for the treatment of spleen and Stomach Damp-Heat acne, once a day. (Spleen and Stomach Damp-Heat acne manifestations: frequent onset of acne, more oil on the face, sticky stool, poor excretion, yellow and greasy tongue coating.) I tried for half a year and found that diet is light, sleep is adequate, regular scraping and cupping, more effective than using anti-acne skin care products. In the final analysis, acne is also the body to alert us to pay more attention to health.

Food Material List

  • 1 Mung bean 200g
  • 2 Jobs tears 200g
  • 3 Crystal sugar Appropriate amount
  • 4 water 1L

Operational steps

  • 1 Wash mung beans and coix seed and soak in water for a moment. Because its cooked in a high-pressure pot, it doesnt need to soak for a long time. If it is cooked on the stove, the soaking time should be lengthened.
    Mung Bean and
  • 2 Heat mung bean Coix in a pressure cooker and put in water. If you like soup, you can put more water.
    Mung Bean and
  • 3 Put ice sugar in it.
    Mung Bean and
  • 4 Choose the mode of porridge cooking and keep it warm for about 30 minutes after boiling to ensure the soft glutinous of Coix seed.
    Mung Bean and
  • 5 Its done.
    Mung Bean and

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