Natural yeast French grape bread

European bread gives me the impression that it is hard, healthy, less oil, less sugar, strong taste, simple material, and requires high baking technology. Asians who are accustomed to eating sugary, oily and sweet bread have yet to accept it. The new concept of Soft Europe Pack has accelerated this process. Soft Ou Bao has the appearance of Ou Bao, simple and rough appearance, soft and elastic heart, good humidity, fermented by natural yeast from flour and fruit, contains a variety of yeasts, so that bread produces more flavor, special aroma, health and nutrition. Home baking also keeps pace with the times, and all kinds of fermentation are raised. Red wine with bread is a common way of eating abroad. How about red wine added to bread? Fruit, wine, mixed together, unique flavor. After inviting her daughter to taste the new product, people who have been known to have bad teeth taste it, there is a gap between the evaluation and imagination. It tastes good and can be accepted. This baby, many years ago chewed the shadows left by the stick too heavy, to see the five big three thick look a little scared. The operation problems caused by the addition of alcohol can not be ignored, because the addition of red wine will inhibit the fermentation of yeast. In order to prevent dough from producing excessive lactic acid bacteria and acetic acid bacteria in long-term fermentation, adding old flour to the fermentation head to increase the vitality of the fermentation head and adding a small amount of fast fermentation to the main dough can maintain the charming flavor of natural yeast and supplement the insufficient fermentation power, so as to make the fermentation more controllable.

Food Material List

  • 1 Grape Natural Fermentation Solution
  • 2 Grape 500g
  • 3 water 1000g
  • 4 sugar 250g
  • 5 Biga
  • 6 High powder 380g
  • 7 Little White Old Face 80g
  • 8 Red Wine 125g
  • 9 Grape seed concentrate 115g

Operational steps

  • 1 Fresh grapes are added with water and sugar. They are kept at room temperature of 26-27 degrees for 7 days, shaking and deflating once a day.
    Natural yeast French
  • 2 Mix all the ingredients of the fermentation head evenly.
  • 3 Fermentation at room temperature for 14 hours.
  • 4 Mix all the ingredients of the main dough and mix the fermentation head twice.
  • 5 After the oil is stirred, the dough is stirred at 27 degrees Celsius.
  • 6 Add roasted walnuts and wine-stained raisins.
  • 7 After mixing evenly, the basic fermentation lasted for 90 minutes.
  • 8 Turn over and ferment for 30 minutes.
  • 9 The dough was divided into two pieces, fermented for 60 minutes, and rounded.
  • 10 Secondary fermentation 60 minutes to twice the size, sprinkle powder.
  • 11 Preheat oven, fire at 210 degrees for 30 minutes.
  • 12 Cool out and preserve thoroughly.
  • 13 I used fresh Jufeng grape for fermentation, which is charming and energetic.
    Natural yeast French


1 grape juice, 4-7 days can be harvested, refrigerated storage, delay fermentation, open the bottle cap every week, breathe in fresh air. Try to use it within a month.
2. The amount of household baking is not much, so the amount of seed can be reduced. You cant always make a kind of bread. The extra dilution can be used as a drink. Grape juice is actually an enzyme. Enzymes can make us healthy and energetic.

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